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Angel Links

The character we most want is the cat-bat-sword creature that hides in Maifon's ample chest! Very High
We seem to have a lot of cats and catgirls and we are looking for more. If you have a cel with a catgirl (or boy!) or a cat in it that you wish to part with, let us know!(They must not be cats that we already have.) High
Chou-Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru

A cel of the Game Wataru characters that appear at the latter part of season one on the Wataru TV series. Very High
Clamp Campus Detectives

We would like to find Akira in his mask. We'd be interested in any opening cels if we could afford them. Very High
Cyborg Kuro Chan

We would like to find a cel of the orange cat that has black stripes. He usually has an eyepatch. Very High
Earth Defense Family
We especially would like a nice cel of Shiratori Elren (or Ellen). the green-haired alien girl. Very High
Galaxy Angel

We'd like a nice portrait cel of Mint. Very High
Key the Metal Idol

We are looking fordecent cels of Key's grandfather, Sergei, Tamari Sei'ichi, Beniko, Hikaru Surugi, and the boy that Key saves. Very High
Master of Mosquiton

We are looking for really good cels of Yuki and/or Hono in their grown up form from the OVA. Will Give Kidney
Platinumhugen Ordian

We'd love to find Yuu with cats all over him or with a cat face drawn on him. Will Give Kidney
Tenshi ni Narumon
You can contact us if you have any TnN cels to sell. We tend to only buy close-ups or major scenes at this point. We do know other collecters that might be interested if we pass on your cel ourselves. We are still looking for different forms of Muse that we don't already have. We also wouldn't mind any minor characters that we currently don't have represented in our collection. As always. we want more Miruru and Silky and one can't have too many opening cels! Very High
Tonde Buurin <(*@*)> Buurin, Karin, & Ton-chan
Wow! We found our Kidney cel! We are still interested in more cels of the little red, blue, and green pigs but only if they have a background. Now the highest priority would be a decent portrait cel of Cutey Chao. More opening cels would always be nice. Very High

Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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