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Those Who Hunt Elves

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Those Who Hunt Elves was released in North America on VHS and later DVD by ADV Films. The plot revolves around three travelers, the eponymous "Those Who Hunt Elves", and the sorceress Mistress Celcia; they seek five spell fragments that have been placed on the skin of elves, similar to tattoos, throughout the magical world they have been transported to; when they find them, they will be able to return to Japan. Those Who Hunt Elves travel by means of a Type 74 tank, which has been transported to the magical world with them. The reaction of various elves as the team attempts to strip them naked is a primary basis for many of the show's jokes, which are more ridiculous than risque. (Taken from the Wikipedia entry which seemed to sum up the basic plot perfectly.)

 Airi Komiyama

 Ritsuko Inoue Portrait

 Blue Elf

 Ritsuko Tackling an Elf

 Airi with (dog) Celcia

 Junpei & Celcia

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Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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