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This series was produced by Madhouse Studio and was shown on Japanese TV in 1995. The characters are based on a game.

We had just 9 cels from the series for years, and then on impulse I bid on a few more. Imagine my surprise when the seller decided to throw about 20 exra cels with genga and douga my way! (Shipping was a bitch!) Included here will be the best of the lot. Sketch numbers will only reflect what was attached to each set-up, but it appears the seller sent ALL of the preliminary artwork for everything we got.

 Spiral Glasses

 Looking at a Map 2 cels

 Bomberman in the 19th Century

 Girl x Boy


 Bomberwoman with Note


 What's with the Shakey Guy>


 Guy? with Gem


 Wobbly Eyes

 Witch Close-up

 Witch on Broom

 Bomber Kitty


 Cute Couple?




 Living Room Lecture

 Bad Guys with Fans

 Bad Guys

 Kitty Girl & Old Man
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Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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