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Saint Tail

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We haven't seen this series, but we have read some of the manga and collected a number of especially nice cels. The series, known in Japan as Kaitou Saint Tail, was created in 1995 and totals 43 episodes. The cels from the series effectively reflect the art of manga-ka Megumi Tachikawa. Our collection includes two opening cels: one from the first opening and one from the second one.
Don't miss our pan cel of Saint Tail being chased by Asuka Jr in our Horizontal Pan Cel section.

 Seira OP 2 Cel

 Saint Tail Opening 1 Cel

 Saint Tail and Ruby

 Seira Portrait

 Ruby and Seira

 Saint Tail & Friend

 Saint Tail

 Meimi & Seira at the Door

 Rina Close-up

 Beautiful Maju Close-up

 Meimi in Bed

 Meimi Portrait

 Maju Licked

 Asuka Jr.

 Ruby on a Tricycle

 Asuka Jr. with BKG


 Saint Tail

 Bopped by Rubys


Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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