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We have a weird tendency to collect cels backwards; we find cels we like, start buying them, then say "I wonder what this series is about? Our Angel Links (13 eps. c/1999) collection started that way. We bought a TnN cel from an ebay seller, and he was also offering a Valeria portrait that looked nice so we added it. (combined shipping!!) Then we found the series for sale on DVD, so we had an opportunity to watch it. We decided to buy a few more cels for our lonely Valeria and now we have a little collection of them. There are not a lot of cels available for this series at this point, so we probably won't add any more, but we have a few nice ones.


 Meifon with Teddy

 Kosei Portrait


 Leon Lau


 Meifon Drinking Tea

 Valeria Oversized Cel

 Meifon Close-up

 Leon Lau with Yaoyoi and Kosei

 Leon Lau, Yaoyoi

 Kosei & Maifon

Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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