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Cyborg Kuro Chan

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We bought a huge lot of this series from Yahoo Japan, then we added a bunch of cels with backgrounds to the collection. After being totally ignorant for so long about any details of this series. we suddenly received 2 emails with information at once! (Thank you Anna & Tani!) Names & info on the characters has been updated. Two of the most popular cels from our collection are CKC cels; the cel of Suzuki digging with the robot, and our handsome portrait of Kuro-Chan! Additionally, one CKC cel with background is located in our "Horizontal Pan Cels" section)

 Cool Cat


 Romeo (or Juliet?) & Suzuki Digging

 Leaping Nekko

 Cat Fight

 Nana (mouse girl)

 Angry Cheko

 Junk Yard 2

 Showdown in Junkyard

 Dr. Go (Mad Scientist of course!)

 Ji-san on Phone


 Ji-san & Ba-san

 Kotaro & Mie

 Suzuki Ichiro

 Hit the Dirt!

 Nana showing her Light Bulb Tail

 Sweaty Kuro Chan with Gun
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Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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