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Yat Anshin

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We have been fortunate in finding quite a few cels with backgrounds and some very nice portrait cels of most of the the main characters from Yat Anshin. The biggest problem we have had collecting Yat is finding accurate information on the characters, but we believe we finally have everything mostly straightened out.

Yat was shown in 1996 and there were 75 episodes total (50 the first season, 25 in the second season). The first half of the series is about Captain Rock and his crew, and the second focuses on fishy aliens. Between the first and second season, Katsura gets a costume change; in the first half she mostly wears a cute flight attendant outfit, in the second, she leaves flight attending to a new character, Monica, and changes into a white jumpsuit.

Yat is also the first series to have a strobe effect on an episode that caused some viewers to have seizures. Surprisingly, Pokemon later did the same thing. Now the animators are much more careful about this effect, and many shows we have seen include the warning to sit away from the TV and leave the lights on (just in case!).

The talented character designer for Yat is Yuka Kudo who has been an animation director and Key animator on many productions.

Season 1 Opening

 Katsura in Space

 Cute Alien Girl

 Sad Captain Rock

 Katsura with her Oldest Friend

 Worried Katsura

 Captain scrutinizing an Object

 Pretty Alien


 Goro and Katsura Split-Screen

 Kitty Katsura!!!


 Katsura and her Father



 Yat Group


 Captian as a Girl?

 Kanea Marigold

 Goro Crying

 Marron Close-up

 Nanako Close-up

 Perfect Katsura Portrait

 Marron & Goro

 Red-faced Goro
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Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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