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Photon - The Idiot Adventures

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Photon is a 6 episode science fiction comedy OAV made in 1997. It's also an AIC series, so none of these cels have matching drawings and all but one has an AIC embossment on the top. Our collection includes all the major characters and four opening cels.

 Emperor of the Galaxy OP

 Photon & Koro End

 Aun Writing Baka

 Close-up of Keyne

 Photon and the Invisible Barrier

 Beautiful Rashara

 Keyne Meets her Mother I

 Keyne with Background

 Keyne 1st Episode

 Photon Opening Cel

 Big Keyne Opening Cel

 Happy Koro Opening Cel



 Beautiful Keyne

 Photon With Koro, Final Scene

 Mammy behind Bed

 Pochini and Aun

 Mammy Drinking Tea

 Pochini Crying

 Photon & Sister Flashback

 Aun with a Catty Expression

 Photon and Inflatable Keyne

 Smirking Papacha
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Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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