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Tonde Buurin <(*@*)> Buurin, Karin, & Ton-chan

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We have only seen a handful of episodes of this series, but we fell for the cels. They are very vibrant and often very funny. The character designer, Hiromi Kato, was also the character designer for another one of our favorite series, Tenshi ni Narumon. Tonde Buurin was one of the earliest, and remains one of the best humorous takes on the Magical Girl Genre.

 Karin in a Kimono

 Kaein with the Green Pig

 Karin and Ton-chan

 Buurin and Ton-chan in a Surreal Landscape

 Buurin with little Feet

 Karin at School


 Karin Close-up

 Scared Karin

 Karin in Moving Room

 Annoyed Karin and Tonc-han

 Buurin and Ton-chan are out of this World!

 Artistic Karin

 Ton-chan and Karin

 Buurin Playing Tennis

 Karin & the Piggy Riceball

 Idol Singer Pig

 Buurin Peeking Out

 Angry Ton-Chan


 Beautiful Karin

 Buurin with Bag

 Buurin in a Bush

 Super Buurin Close-up!
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Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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