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Most of these cels came up on ebay just when we started to collect cels. I liked the realistic drawing style which was so different from any other anime series I'd seen. My daughter really wanted other cels and I have since bought many, but I really love these cels. My favorite character from the series was Manaka the Butterfly Girl. My daughter hasn't watched the series yet, but liked the character design for Saki.

 Manaka Afraid

 Nagi Close-up

 Poom Poom Close-up

 Poom Poom Profile

 Mamoru with Blood

 Mamoru with Blood 2

 Saki Happy

 Saki Laughing

 Shizue's Ghost 1

 Shizue's Ghost 2

 Manuka About to show Butterflies

 Jonouchi Eating Spider

 Saki Profile 1

 Profile 2

 Jounochi with Spiders


Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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