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Years ago, when my daughter was young, she talked me into buying cels from this series. It has lots of creatures, cute kids, and funny bad guys. Mon Colle Knights was made by Studio Deen in 2000. The character designer, Atsuko Nakajima was also the character designer for many other series. Most of our cels were from the now long-closed Anime Chaos. A few more were trades or purchases from other collectors, and a handful of very nice cels came from Ichiban's closing sale. (so many cel stores gone - so sad!) Information has been updated on the series. A MCK fan who has some of the series in Japanese was able to correct mistakes or add additional information on our collection (Thanks Adalia!)

 Rockna & Love Star Portrait

 Luke Rides a Big Sheep


 Love Star (Jaane) with a Treat

 Impy with Toy

 Perfect Gluko Portrait

 Rockna Portrait


 Mondo Portrait

 Professor gone Crazy!

 Prince Eccentro, with Gluko, Impy, & Batch

 Rockna, Professer, and Rai-rai

 Rockna, Beginner, & Mondo

 Bad Girls, Bad Girls....

 Glowing Elf

 Mondo, Kenta, & Rockna

 Mondo & his Little Pegasus

 The Bad Guys in the Flying Lion

 Elf King

 The Good Guys in the Utopian Eagle


 Tanaka with Cat

 Gluko & Batch

 Beginner & her Baby Dregon
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Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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