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Magical Girl Pretty Sammy was a spin-off series about the character Sasami from the Tenchi series. Since then, Sasami and her exploits as the Magical Girl Pretty Sammy have been made into an OVA, 2 TV series, and at least 1 game. Our collection has artwork from all of these except the recent 2nd TV series which is CG.

 Misao and Ryo-oki

 Sasami Yells

 Pixy Misa

 Sad Misao


 Sammy OVA Close-up

 Sasami with Hankerchief

 Koniha and Misao

 Ryo-oki and Sammy

 Worried Sasami

 Sasami Run

 Sammy Close-up


 Sweet Ramia OVA

 Sammy and Friend

 Koniha as a Magical Girl

 Sasami's Mom



 Pretty Sammy Henshin

 Sammy & (human) Ryo-oki

 Sasami ready for Bed

 Pixy Misa

 Sepia Sasami
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Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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