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Magic Knights Rayearth

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The cels from this series are so pretty, how could we resist collecting at least a few? Like many Clamp series, Rayearth has many dedicated collectors and we could never compete with some of the amazing MKR collections we have seen. Though we don't have many cels here,the ones we have we really love. We are especially happy to have two cels with Makona, my daughter's favorite character! We have watched both seasons of Rayearth TV and have updated information on many of our cels.


 Eagle Vision

 Clef Flashback

 Hikaru Portrait


 Winking Caldina

 Fuu Super Close


 Umi Portrait

 Portrait of Hikaru with Makona


 Makona Vs. Umi


 Hikaru Extreme Close-up

Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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