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Tenchi in Tokyo

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Tenchi in Tokyo cels were some of the first cels we ever bought. Both I and my daughter watched all the Tenchi series on TV together, so Tenchi was the most accessible starting point for our collecting. It's still a sentimental favorite. This series came out in 1997 and the character designer, Masaki Kajishima, has designed the characters for most of the Tenchi and related series. He was also responsible for character design on other AIC series, including Photon, the Idiot Adventures.




 Hotsuma Close-up


 Red Ryoko

 Sakuya Portrait

 Ryoko & Hotsuma W/ BKGND

 Tenchi Portrait

 Aeyka Portrait

 Hotsuma as a Demon

 Mihoshi in Ryo-oki Suit

 Keyone Profile

 Portrait of Ryoko

 Hotsuma Close-up

 Tenchi Working at Shinto Temple in Tokyo

 Hotsuma/Priest Holding Sakuya


Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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