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Master of Mosquiton

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Master of Mosquiton was one of the 1st series we extensively collected. When we started our cel collection, there were a lot of cels from the OVA on eBay and we bought them at very reasonable prices. The OVA was released in 1996-7, The character designer for both OVA and TV Mosquiton, Kazuya Kuroda, also designed characters for Vandread, Sakura Wars, and Chrono Crusade. So far we have seen the OVA of this series and a little bit of the TV series. While we like the OVA and its cels the best, but we also have some nice Mosquiton '99 TV series cels. Our collection contains all the major characters in the OVA and many of the TV characters.

 Disintegrating Mosquiton

 Inaho TV

 Angry Mosquiton TV Cel

 Hono, Mosquiton, & Yuki TV

 Inaho Portrait


 Yuki TV

 Mosquiton Vampire

 Inaho Running

 Camille Seized by Sangermaine

 Sangermaine Bites Camille

 Mosquiton OVA Portrait


 Inaho's Bath Interupted

 Big Fight about to Start!

 Yuki, Hono, & Inaho

 Adult Hono

 Yuki & Hono OVA

 Adult Yuki Portrait

 Great Group Shot!

 Mosquiton Battling

 Flying Mosquiton

 Werewolf Woman TV

 Egyptian Queen
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Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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