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Here are all of the female characters other than Noelle that we have managed to collect from Tenshi ni Narumon. We have all the major ones and several cels of Muse in her alternates forms. We like to find Miruru in her varied moods, and we have a few nice Sara cels. We have been especially lucky in finding beautiful Silkys. A few of her from the end of the series are some of the most beautiful cels in our entire collection! In addition, we have excellent portrait cels of Natsumi, Mama, Ruka, Sensei (Teacher), & Baba, but one of our absolute favorite portraits is of Squid Noelle!


 Miruru Falling

 Maid Miruru holding "Chu-chan"

 Sara Profile

 Sara Close-up


 3 Cels of Pillow Muse

 Muse Crying Close-up

 Sara Extreme Close-up

 Crystal Ball


 Muse with Megaphone

 Muse Close-up


 2 Cels of Muse & Teddy

 Miruru with Lemons

 Ruka Under Water

 Muse Holding a Doll Eros

 Sepia Natsumi closeup

 Silky Scream!



 Ruka Profile

 Ruka on Wheels
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Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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