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This 26 episode TV series from Studio Pierrot which originally aired in 1997, is available on DVD. The mangais by "MEE". We acquired many of these cels when we first started collecting, after which the collection sat unchanged for quite a while. Then 2005 brought us some of the nicest cels in the collection; portraits of Sakura, Sakanoshin, Peau, and our Natsuki with bandages.

 Peau Portrait

 Human Natsuki


 Peau with Powers

 Sakanoshin Portrait

 Natsuki with Bandages

 Sakura Portrait

 Peau d' Roquefort

 Samansa Grey

 Sakura's Kids Fighting

 Chibi Battenen

 Tommy Looking UP

 Natsuki & Coach 2

 Natsuki portrait

 Battenen Portrait

 Super Close Natsuki

 Sakura Pensive Portrait

 Sakanoshin Wounded

 Profile of Peau

 Sakanoshin in Armour


 Battenen & Tommy

 Mudagami Close-up

 Natsuki Charging Up!
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Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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