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The Daichi family is on the verge of splitting apart after mother Seiko brings home divorce papers. Somehow, this very dysfunctional family is chosen by the Galaxy Federation to save planet Earth on a regular basis (and get paid!) Will they succeed in saving the planet and their family too?

The Daichis Earth Defense Family series is 13 episodes long and dates from 2001. Very few cels have come onto the market, so we are happy to find some decent cels of most of the major characters in both their normal appearance and in their super-hero suits.


 Seiko Close-up

 Mamoru Portrait

 Dai Daichi

 Seiko and Mamoru


 Weird Playing Catch 1

 Weird playing Catch 2

 The Daichis in their Car 1

 The Daichis under a LOVE Attack!





 Dai and Wierd

 Family Car?

Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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