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This section of our collection from Cyber Team in Akihabara concentrates on all the additional characters in the series, both good and evil (or points in between!) The monochromatic gray cels are flashback scenes. We have put special emphasis on collecting cels of the wacky villainess characters, and the evil mysterious Shooting Star. We also have a few cels of "the Prince". Minor characters in the series include classmates, members of the Rosenkreutz organization, and Kamome's lecherous grandpa.

 Hatoko Singing 1

 Hatoko Singing 2

 Hatoko Singing 3

 Shooting Star a.k.a. Takashi Ryuugasaki

 Shooting Star in Angsty Bish Mode

 Shooting Star Close-up

 Drunken Jun 2

 Drunken Jun Cries

 Drunken Jun 1

 Dark Pigeon with Dancing Homunculii

 Dark Pigeon Performs!

 Dark Pigeon Dancing with Homunculii 2

 Shooting Star Mid-Transformation Pan

 Shooting Star Transformation Pan

 Shooting Star as Lucifer

 Upside Down Shooting Star

 Effect cel of Jun, Miyama, Hatoko

 Crane (The Prince)

 The Prince 1

 The Prince 2

 The Prince 3

 Hibari finds her Prince?

 A CLOSE Close-up

 J-Pop Hatoko
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Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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