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Our Tonde Buurin collection has been divided into five parts to make it easier to view. This portion of the collection includes cels of Karin's family, classmates, townspeople, and a few interesting pigs. There is also a pan cel that is placed in our Horizontal Pan Cel gallery of a hefty-sized cel Dress Up.

 Karin in Class

 Vampire Takuma!

 Keiko Portrait

 Karin and Friends make a Discovery

 Soccer Duel

 Movie Set

 Karin at Sleep over


 Keiko and Buurin

 Team Buurin at the Race

 Keiko in a Helicopter

 Nurse Nanako at Work


 Keiko with Ton-pact

 Takuma in Costume

 Kaoru putting up Posters

 Keiko Catches her Angel

 Karin and Shuuhei

 Kouru, Karin and Jimmy

 Karin, her Brother and Mother

 Kashiwagi and Kouichi with Toys

 Enter the Little Piggies!

 Karin and Classmates

 Keiko in Fancy Dress
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Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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