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Yeah, we have a lot of cels.

A while back, we topped 1500 cels in our gallery. In addition, we also topped 250 entries for Tenshi ni Narumon production art, our largest and most comprehensive collection. In honor of these two coinciding events, we decided to create this section to allow a viewer a taste of what is in store if they dare to browse through our hoard.

Each thumbnail shows a cel from one of our collections. While each cel chosen here is special to us. It is by no means the best or only good cel in each collection. If you haven't looked at some of these collections before, we hope this will encourage you to see art from movies or series you perhaps have never experienced before, to find out why we thought it special enough to add to our gallery.

This section currently includes all of our collections with 4 or more cels. Eventually we hope to add smaller collections under group links.

 Millenium Actress / Sennen joyu

 Single Items: Kawaii Toboe's Miscelania

 The Daichis Earth Defense Family

 Tonde Buurin <(*@*)> Opening, End, Eyecatch

 Tonde Buurin <(*@*)> Family & Friends

 Tonde Buurin <(*@*)> Henshin Cels

 Tonde Buurin <(*@*)> Buurin, Karin, & Ton-chan

 Tonde Buurin <(*@*)> Production Drawings

 Photon the Idiot Adventures

 Magic Knights Rayearth

 Key the Metal Idol

 Saint Tail

 Vampire Hunter D, Bloodlust

 A Tree of Palme

 Cyber Team in Akihabara - Friends and Enemies

 Cyber Team in Akihabara - Girls & their PataPis

 Cyber Team in Akihabara Opening Cels


 Tenshi ni Narumon- Mikael & Raphael Step 13

 Jasmine Jelly

 Tenshi ni Narumon- Dream Sequences

 Tenshi ni Narumon - Natsumi & Noelle Step 6

 Tenshi ni Narumon - Other Female Characters

 Tenshi ni Narumon: Male Characters
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Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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