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Mama Loves Poyopoyosaurs or Mama wa Poyopoyosaurus ga Osuki was made in 1995 and was produced by Nippon Animation. It's combination of cuteness with caricature in it's character design make the art from the series distinctive. The simplicity of design is deceptive as the animators deftly illustrate every emotion to perfection. The kids in the series come across as sometimes iresistably cute and sometimes quite possibly evil!

According to the wikipedia entry, "the 'poyopoyo' in the title is an onomatopoeia for the young children 'toddling' around (or walking unsteadily)." The manga-ka Takako Aonuma also worked on books on child care and also the magical girl manga Mahou no Yousei Persia. The character designer for the series, Akemi Takada has worked in the anime industry for a long time, and she designed characters for everything from Kimagure Orange Road to Patlabor.

 Dressed Up


 Brother & Sister


 Mom Bathing

 Wet Guy


 The Scream


 Girl with Handbag



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