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Clamp Campus Detectives

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CLAMP Campus Detectives (also known as CLAMP School Detectives) is a 26 episode series dating from 1997, based on a short manga collection by CLAMP. It is a shoujo series animated by Studio Perriot. An English verion was released on VHS. There is no DVD version available in English. We found a fansub of the series, however, and have started watching it. While the anime series seems to be primarily directed to a young audience, the art is a treat that anyone can appreciate.

 Suoh Blushing!

 Casablanca Close-Up

 Idomu Flashback

 Suoh Takamura

 Akira in Sleeping Cap

 Nokoru in Handcuffs

 Utako Ohkawa

 Nagisa Opening Cel

 Utako on the Balcony  


 Nokoru Imonoyama

 Suoh Takamura

 Idomu Yudaiji

 Akira Ijyuin

 Nagisa Azuya

Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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