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Key the Metal Idol

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Key the Metal Idol is an original twist on the aspiring Music Idol story. A 15 episode OAV, it was released in 1994. Studio Pierrot was responsible for cel production. The series consisted of 13 standard-length episodes and two long episodes which tied all the dangling storylines. These last episodes clocked in at a movie-length 90 minutes apiece! This is the most ambitious OAV we have ever seen.

Key's Lullaby

 The Two Keys

 Key comes to the City

 Miho Utsuse on Video

 Key Portrait

 Sakura and Key Pan cel

 Fiery Key

 Sakura End

 Key's Mother

 Key Sings!

 Miho Bleeding

 Miho's Final Concert

 Beniko Performing

 Jinsaku Ajou

 Tomiko Mima

 Suichi Tataki



 Hikaru Surugi

 Tomoyo Wakagi

 Miho Utsuse in Concert

 The Real Miho?

 Wakagi Reflection

 Tataki and Sakura

Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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