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A Tree of Palme

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Takashi Nakamura spent ten years making A Tree of Palme. Released in Japan in 2002, the movie is now available on DVD. Other works by Nakamura include "Catnapped"(1995), "Nightmare"(1987) from Robot Carnival (also called Chicken Man & Red Neck), and more recently, the TV series "Fantastic Children"(2004). For all of these productions Nakamura wrote the story, designed the characters, and directed. His character design is distinctive. Nakamura's recent character design projects include Tetsujin 28th (2004) and A Chinese Ghost Story (1997).

A special thanks to Sensei of Sensei's Cel Gallery for his generous assistance for helping us aquire cels for this collection and for allowing us to copy his original background for our Koram & Palme cels.



 Shatta Surprised


 Sawadust, Shatta, Palme and Muu

 Shatta Portrait

 Palme & Popo

 Palme Glowing

 Palme & Popo

 Young Koram

 Palme & Baron

 Popo & Roualt

 Hunter from Tamas

 Darumaya Portrait


 Palme Saved 1

 Palme Saved 2

 Palme Sprouting Roots



 Koram and Palme (Oversized)

 Koram & the Bolas


 Palme and Popo Running
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Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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