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These are all of our cels of Noelle that are not located in the special sections. While some viewers have found Noelle a little too cute and hyper, we find her innocent charm appealing. Her voice actress, Kawakami Tomoko, did an excellent job conveying her personality.

Sweet and a little clueless about how the human world works, Noelle is protected by her large adopted family. Since Noelle is the pivotal character of the show, it is only natural that we have acquired quite a few cels of her, but we also have collected so many because by the end of the show, she had become a favorite character.

 Naked Noelle 1st Episode

 Noelle as Mecha Pilot

 Dirty Noelle

 Noelle Step 13

 Noelle at School

 Noelle with Clenched Hands

 Sideways Noelle

 Perfect Noelle with Wings

 Noelle Step 26

 Noelle Falling


 Noelle Flapping her Wings

 Noelle in Perspective

 Noelle with Ridiculous Wings

 Noelle attached to a Blimp

 Crying Noelle

 Noelle in Elaborate Framework

 High Powered Halo
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Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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