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Since we have collected a significant number of opening cels from Tenshi ni Narumon, we decided to put them in their own category. One of the most interesting things about the opening of this series is that the animators made changes to the opening to reflect changes in the story. While this is more common now in CG created series, when acetate cels were being used it was unusual to have openings change.

In TnN's opening sequence, when the invisible Sara becomes visible in the story, she then appears in the opening, and when Muse, Eros, and Raphael were added to the storyline, they were added to the opening on the 15th episode. Other characters were then removed from the opening. Silky has two different sequences. There are also some cels that were originally intended for the opening that were later rejected for various reasons. Our Sara and Ruka cel is an example of a rejected OP cel.

Our friend Sensei has collected a number of cel-mates to our cels, that can be seen in Sensei's Anime Gallery.

 Mama and Papa

 Noelle Waking Up

 Sara & Ruka Unused Cel

 Family Group OP

 Noelle and Yuusuke

 Noelle, Yuusuke and Family

 Noelle and Yuusuke Hug

 Noelle and Yuusuke 2


 Muse Close-up


 Noelle and Dancing House

 Evil Dispell

 Noelle with Seedpods Pt.1

 Noelle with Seedpods Pt.2


 Noelle & Yuusuke Dream

 Noelle & Yuusuke Dream II

 Miruru with Cel Phone 1

 Miruru 2

 Miruru Sticking out Tongue

 Noelle Exercising

 Yuusuke Exercising

 Baba & Nekhbet
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Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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