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We have all of the major male characters in TnN. We have a special fondness for wicked Dispell cels and cels of Mikael with wings. We are also especially lucky to have a wishlist cel of Raphael included here.

The rest of our Raphael cels can be found in the subject specific galleries Mikael & Raphael Step 13 and Jasmine Jelly

Our cels of Fuyuke can be found in our Dream Sequences section.

 Kai Portrait



 Sparkly-Eyed Gabriel



 Dispell Throws a Fireball 1

 Dispell Throws a Fireball 2

 Dispell Throws a Fireball 3

 Raphael Key Scene

 Yuusuke Upside Down

 Eros Slapped


 Mikael Laughs


 Dispell with Whip

 2 Gabriel Cels

 Mikael with his Wings


 Angry Dispell

 Yuusuke Falling

 Eros Close-up

 Mikael Falling

 Dispell Portrait
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Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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