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Tenshi ni Narumon, released in 1999 by Studio Pierrot, is by far our biggest collection. We own cels from every "Step" in the series. The character designer, Hiromi Kato, also designed the characters for Tonde Buurin. He has worked as animation director for Gad Guard, Melody of Oblivion and Beck.

When we started buying cels from the series, most were very inexpensive, and there were many available. We took full advantage of this, and tried to buy every character, which wasn't easy. TnN has a large cast! While some minor characters have eluded us (mostly robots), we have multiple cels of all the major characters. This portion of our collection includes all cels with two or more characters. Many of these cels are really funny, and one of the group cels, of several family members peering through a round window, is one of our all-time favorites.

 Gabriel and Miruru

 Papa, Sara, and Mikael

 Yuusuke and Gabriel

 Sara & Mama

 Michael & Gabriel Pan

 Family Looking through Porthole

 Gabriel and Yuusuke

 Gabriel & Yuusuke 2

 Angelic Trio

 Miruru & Yuusuke Bath Time

 Yuusuke Watch Out!

 Naked Noelle Jumps Yuusuke

 Noelle and Vacuum/Muse

 Gabriel Yelling at Ruka

 Noelle & Gabriel

 Yuusuke & Muse/Rocket

 Gabriel, Papa, Nekhbet & Mama

 Mama & Papa at the Table

 Noelle holding Bunbun

 Gabriel & Sara with bkgd.

 Gabriel & Yuusuke Step 26

 Papa, Baba & the Egg

 Papa & Baba with the Egg

 Papa & Baby Noelle
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Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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