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My daughter was very interested in how anime was created. While cels are no longer being used, most series are still designed much the same way, with storyboards, and preliminary and final drawings.(Though more drawing is now being done in the computer.) The first genga I ever bought was a big lot from TnN so that my daughter could better understand the process. We saw a japanese production where one of the creators of Evangelion shows grade schoolers how to design an animation segment. All the children were given light boxes with a knob and 2 clips to hold the paper (the holes on the top of the paper and on cels fit these holders.) Each child created an animated circle, and all of the children's segments were run together to make a tiny film. It took a lot of drawings to make a few seconds of animation. Each of the thumbnails of TnN genga below represent a group of drawings. Clicking the thumbnails will allow you to see several related ones.



 Gabe Scratching

 Papa on a Tricycle

 Baba Oversized Drawing

 Noelle with Sensei

 Saiki & Masaru

 Gabriel & Squid Noelle

 Noelle Close-up

 Papa at the Beach

 Papa & Mama

 Mama at the Beach

 Ruka Angry Close-up

 Angry Ruka

 Yuusuke Close-up

 Noelle, Ruka, & Yuusuke

 Ruka & Sara at Dinner

 Noelle with Fans

 Gabriel & Baba

 Natsume with Noelle's Halo


Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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