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Devilman Lady/Devillady

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The Devilman Lady anime was produced in 1998, and was directed by Toshihiro Hirano who also directed Vampire Princess Miyu TV. Currently, the complete series is available in licensed form under the name The Devillady. For more information on this series, along with information on Devilman, and Go Nagai, the creator of the Mangas, check out our links page. I finally finished watching all 26 episodes so information on our cels has been updated.

 Evil Jun

 Devil Jun behind a Rock

 Asuka Ran Close-up


 Jun in Hell

 Frightened Jun

 Bates as a Human

 Demon Girls

 Devil Jun with Asuka

 Jun being Seduced

 Takae Portrait

 Demon/Human Jun

 Jun Hunting

 Demon Jun Underwater

 Jun after 1st Fight

 Takae & Takeshi

 Cat Girl


 Kazumi Mortally Wounded

 Jun Dripping with Slime

 Kazumi with Black Paper BKGD


 Demon Jun and Demon Bates

 Asuka Ran
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Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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