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Space Pirate Mito

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Space Pirate Mito (or Stellar Buster Mito) was made in 1999 and was split into two 13 episode series. More than half of our cels appeared in the first season. We were able to identify all the characters in our collection except one who obviously figures prominently in the 2nd season. As we recently acquired season 2 (recently released as "Aoi and Mutsuki A Pair of Queens"), we hope to make updates in the near future.

Trailer for 2nd Season

 Sabu at the Wheel

 Mutsuki Pan

 Evil Woman

 Girl Aoi



 Ranban Glowing eyes

 Masatsuki & Mutsuki


 Mito Fighting Close-Up

 Masatsuki wearing lotsa Lipstick

 Super Close-up

 Sabu Firing!

 Miss Okubo

 Ranban Holding Weapon


 Aoi Close-Up

 Sabu & Mito
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Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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