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Galleries (Non Rubberslug)

Kymaera - Not only a cel collection but a figure and comic book art collection
Baakay's Cel Gallery - A great gallery with a little bit of everything
Drac's Blackhouse - A bit Clary obsessed, yes?
Sempei's Cel House - Lotsa cute anime girls!!
Lamonts Home Page - Diverse collection, including Wataru! (yay!)
Evilminion - Hunter X Hunter and many other goodies
Random Things - Yukineko's cel gallery!

How I support my Habit! - I work at home editing wedding and event videos. I work hard making clients happy, so I can spend some of my pay making our gallery happy!

BJD Collectasy - My new resin Ball Jointed Doll Site. Information on the newest dolls, articles, and DIY projects, including Video Tutorials
Dreamscapes Video - Our website.
The Event Network - A group of venders we belong to. If you want to get married in the Baltimore/Washington area (and some in Philadelphia too!) check us out!
The Bridal Guides - A great new website for Brides and companies that provide services for them.

Japanese Series Information - Sites we found useful for research

Idol Project - Informative fan site for the series.
Henshin:The Mahou Shoujo Genre - Information on a great many Mahou Shoujo shows
Cookieangel's Saint Tail - An excellent Saint Tail site
Anime Yume - Useful info on a bunch of series, many with cels
Fuwarin! 100% Noelle Juice - Another good TnN site
Di Gi Charat HQ - This site was the most informative of the DGC sites I saw
Devilman (Lady) - Info on Devilman,Devilman Lady, & Go Nagai
Lamune & 40 Compleat - Useful Lamune & 40 Info
Keith's Tonde Buurin Page - The best Tonde Buurin site!!!


Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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