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Karin-Buurin Henshin
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A28
Standard size

End Cel
Original Unmatching Background

Added 11/19/2006
Updated 10/13/2007
Karin begins her transformation from a feisty red-haired teenager into a cute pink pig. First her nose receives a piggy snout from her compact. Then she gains a tail, and after rolling and spinning in space, becomes enclosed in a red apple-shaped cocoon. What emerges is Buurin, who promptly jumps through her hoop and hops to her destination. This cel shows up in the midst of the transformation and is the last cel in her roll. Included is a screencap from the scene. There was a light effect that ran through the center of the image. This cel was a special Birthday gift from Sensei who also has cels from this henshin.

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Curator: vapalla
Gallery Created: 1/28/2003
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